About Us

The Sioux Valley Hoo-Hoo Club #118  is a fraternal organization of people representing all facets of the forest products industry. We encourage and promote friendly relations and cooperation in the forest products industry through social interaction.



The Benefits of Hoo-Hoo

– Generates goodwill

– Makes doing business easier and more efficient which strengthens the industry

– Creates life-long friendships and business relationship locally and internationally

– Unites the forest products industry

– Provides networking opportunities

– Supports the community through charitable action, deed, and donation

– Passes on the heritage, history and culture of the forest products industry and the Ancient Order of the Hoo-Hoo

– Educates the next generation

– Reinforces the business principles of your word is your bond; your handshake is a promise, and face-to-face meetings have deep value

– Offers the opportunity to learn from industry experts and peers with years of experience

– Forges the concept that competitors are better through of as colleagues and friends

– Supports forest and timber product education to teachers and students fostering better understanding of the forest products industry

– Provides travel and fellowship opportunities through international gatherings